We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their health. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients:

I had always been a 5K runner and was comfortable with that distance of running but I wanted a bigger challenge. I decided to run the Mighty Half Marathon at the end of September. I had been running consistantly through the summer but only four to six miles. Eventually I ran eight miles a couple times and then the ten miles once the week before the race. Mentally I felt great, but physically my knees were throbbing and my right leg began to have shooting pains as I ran. But being the week before the race I figured it was too late to back out. As I was running the half marathon I noticed about six miles in the shooting pains started down the side of my right leg and my hips were starting to hurt. I finished the race but was limping for the next couple days. I looked up my symptoms and found out I had Illiotibial Band Syndrome, or Runner’s Knee from training improperly. So I took some time off from running because I could not even run a mile without shooting pains. After 3 months of rest I still could not run a mile so I went to Cara to see what she could do for my IT band. She performed Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM) to break up the scar tissue around my IT band and showed me a couple stretches I could do. I had 6 weekly treatments and a week of two treatments on my leg and I am now able to run without any pain in my leg. Cara was extremely accommodating and worked around my busy schedule to find times for me to meet with her because she wanted me to be able to run again. Cara is extremely professional and comfortable to work with and very affordable. Although my leg has recovered I still go to Cara for a monthly back adjustment.

Office Information

Cara's Chiropractic Wellness accepts Independent Health/NOVA, as well as Workers Compensation and No Fault. Other days / times available by appointment only.

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Additional hours by appointment.

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